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Jan 10
Foundation: Freehand Drawing/Rendering the Figure (and face) - Don Hodgins

Jan 17 * Due to weather, rescheduled for March 27
Transforming the Mundane to the Compelling
- Jose Campbell

Jan 24
Open painting session:  Clothed Figure (live model)
- Jeannie Paynter will mentor

Jan 31
Foundations – Watercolour Basics - Julie Bowen

Feb 7 
Foundation: Colour, Intensity and Perspective Management - Don Hodgins

Feb 14 & 21 (2-day class)
Loosen Up! - Mel Williamson

Feb 27 
Entry Due Date for ArtSpring Lobby Show 2024

Feb 28 
Journey to Abstraction - Gillian McConnell

Mar 6
Poetic Landscapes - Bernadette Mertens-McAllister

Mar 13
Stylized Figurative Painting From References 
- Susan Rogers

Mar 20
Copy a Masterpiece – Monet’s Woman with a Parasol - Betty Rideout

Mar 27
Transforming the Mundane to the Compelling- Jose Campbell

Apr 3 
Drawing and Painting Interiors - Susan Rogers

Apr 26
Entry Due Date for Feast Your Eyes show at a Mahon Hall

May 6
Entry Due Date for Lady Minto Hospital REFRESH

Jun 4 & 5
2 day open painting session: Fall Fair Still Life 
Theme: Beauty and the Beet
Mentors:  Jose Campbell and Lisa MacLean

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